Kenneth Copeland is known worldwide as a speaker, author, television minister and recording artist. The driving force of his ministry is the message that God’s Word works to turn every area of life from failure to success.

Today, after more than 45 years in public ministry, he and his wife, Gloria, continue to distribute the biblical message of hope worldwide from Kenneth Copeland Ministries headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, and from international offices in Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa, Ukraine and Asia.

Countless lives are impacted through his ministry in both domestic and international Believers’ Conventions and Victory Campaigns and through the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine mailed to more than a half million readers worldwide every month. Millions more learn to put God’s plan for effective living to work for them through the Believer’s Voice of Victory television broadcast, which is aired on 628 stations daily and 402 on Sunday in the U.S., and 116 stations internationally.

Since his earliest days of ministry, Kenneth Copeland has preached the uncompromised Word of God, continuing to fulfill his mission to declare from the top of the world to the bottom and all the way around that Jesus is Lord!

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