Fun Things to Do in Andaman Island 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are 572 in number and they have
some of the most beautiful beaches in the Indian coast line. If you want a
serene area where you can relax in the midst of sunny skies, turquoise waters
and flora and fauna that is unique and untamed, this is the place to go to. But
what can you do at the Andaman Island? How to get to andaman?

The truth is that there are many activities you can engage in. We will however just pick a few of the best.The best economical way to plan a complete andaman tour is if you can get a andaman tour package with flights.To see all the attractions in andaman be sure to plan for atleast 5 nights.If you are a honeymoon couple make sure you choose for a andaman honeymoon package inclusive of flights , also check if the package includes candle light dinners and watersports for couples.

Enjoy water sports

Whether you love swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or parasailing,
you can enjoy it all in this tropical island. Even if you do not know how to
swim you can enjoy snorkeling and Scuba diving with the beginner tailored tours
at the Elephant Beach and North Bay. You will be wowed by the beautiful sea
life forms you will find under water. What is more? You will be safe!


Boat rides

If taking your clothes off and putting on a swim suit to
explore the waters sounds too extreme for you then the next best thing is to
take a boat ride. Opt for a boat that has a glass bottom and you will see lots
of animals as they swim and live their lives just beneath your feet.

Havelock Island must be on your itinerary

This is one of the most visited islands in Andaman and this
is not without reason. It is home to one the most beautiful beaches in Asia,
the Rhadhanagar Beach. If snorkeling is an activity you want to try this is the
best place to do it. Parasailing is also a common activity at Havelock. At Elephant
Beach in the island, swim with the elephants, literally! On a moonless night,
you have the chance to enjoy bioluminescence by phyloplanktons in the sea water.

Explore the natural sites


If you are not fond of water adventures but prefer the  plants and trees, you can still enjoy a trip to these islands. Trek from Mt Harriet to Madhuban, take a nature walk in the Mongloton rubber plantations in Wandoor, watch birds at Chidiya Tapu or explore the limestone caves at Baratang and you will see the best flora and fauna of this part of India.


Learn some history
The history of a place makes you connect to it even more. Understand
the history of this archipelago of islands by visiting the many historical
sites. Start off with the Chatham Saw Mill in Chatham Island then head to
Wandoos and visit the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park. To understand the Indian struggle for independence visit the Cellular Jail Memorial.

Island hopping

Each island in Andaman Islands is unique and offers visitors
something different. Take ferry trips to the different islands in the area and
enjoy the golden sunrises and sunsets as well as what each island has to offer.
You could start off with the popular ones like Viper, North Bay, Havelock and
Neil islands then explore the inhabited ones like Guitar, Long, Ross &
Smith, Stewart and Jolly Buoy islands.

There is a lot to do at this great holiday destination but try the above activities and you will go home satisfied with your trip. Have fun!