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Sam Rohrer

Sam Rohrer

Sam Rohrer is a former businessman, 18 year Pennsylvania state legislator, 2010 candidate for PA Governor and 2012 candidate for US Senate. He currently serves as Founder and President of the America Pastors Network whose purpose is to identify, educate and assist pastors to Stand in the Gap for Truth. This includes teaching their people the Biblical principles necessary to impact our culture for Christ. APN’s ministry includes multiple radio programs, 5 State Chapters and the goal of establishing 12 additional State Chapters of pastors in 2017. APN is uniquely providing the structure and encouragement for pastors to speak Biblical Truth with a united voice into the Family, the Church and into Civil government.

Sam is a regular guest on national radio and TV, speaking on a wide range of public policy issues including the Biblical role of government, the defense of marriage, and exposing the dangers of Islam and organized homo-sexual lobby. Additionally, he writes and produces a weekly radio program, “Stand in the Gap Minute,” now heard on 75 stations, as well as hosting the “Stand in the Gap Weekend” program heard on nearly 200 stations nationwide. The latest program, “Stand in the Gap Today” is a live 1 hour M-F daily news analysis program covering the news of the day from a Biblical and Constitutional perspective and heard on 25 stations and via internet and satellite.

Sam and his wife, Ruth Ann, have been married for 39 years and have six children and 12 grandchildren.