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Bishop Ray Sutton

Bishop Ray Sutton

The Rt. Rev. Ray R. Sutton serves as Dean of the Province and Ecumenical Affairs of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).  He is also Bishop Coadjutor within the Diocese of Mid-America of the REC and Rector of Church of the Holy Communion in Dallas. He often lectures at REC and ACNA seminaries, and is a popular retreat speaker.

A native of Kentucky and Dallas resident since he was 13, Bishop Sutton received his BFA from Southern Methodist University and his Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. From 1976 to 1991, he served as a parish minister. Following this, he pursued doctoral studies in a Coventry University program associated with Oxford University where he received his Ph.D.  He served as professor and dean of the Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Philadelphia, and continues as an adjunct professor today. Later, Bishop Sutton functioned as Dean at Cranmer Theological House, where he continues to teach.

He has authored four books on theology, his most recent being Signed, Sealed and Delivered: A Study of Holy Baptism. He is married to Susan Jean Schaerdel of Dallas, a fellow graduate of SMU. The Suttons have seven children and three grandchildren.